- unique universal tool for managing the election campaign or social campaign in "online" mode. Everything that happened, happens and will happen in the territory which is interesting for our client can be seen from all over the world and with absolute certainty. The usual business tools such as: planning, decisions about the teamwork organization, sociology and marketing, analytics, geoinformation systems - are summarized in one solution for political process management. The overall aim of the product - provide the customer with the "open code" of the defined territory, and organize its social learning and management.
Accompanying the election campaign
Provides the imposition to the territory map any public and private databases which are obtained by using a number of traditional and new tools. It fixes electoral activity of voters, their needs, preferences, motivation and readiness to vote or to perform other social activities. Allows you to have full control over the headquarters work and agitators network, monitor the learning dynamics of the "field". Thereby it provides cost savings around 30% of the total budget of the campaign.
Accompanying the election day
Guarantees the control over the voting day. The program provides monitoring of turnout, allows to process public appeals, visualizes the results of the citizens will, you can see the information even about every polling station. The system allows you to build a full-fledged Situation Centre Day X. Data collection is proceeding via specialized module for the call center and SMS gateway. The results are displayed in a dynamic heat maps, graphs and charts directly on the map of the target area.