eMap is a system for automation of deputy headquarter,

which is unified web environment for management of team’s quality work, where all information is structured and the interaction with voters is established. This is the tool of synchronous operation of each employee of the deputy headquarter with a lot of information in tabular or map forms. The system has an intuitive interface and ergonomic design, which additionally simplifies and speeds up the work. eMap can operate in a sketch maps and satellite Automatic search for objects and associated elements. eMap can operate in a schematic and satellite maps with the possibility of automatic search of objects and associated with them elements.



Some examples of time-saving with eMap

Generating reports

with the help of eMap generating report about the implementation of certain categories of works (such as gardening or repairing playgrounds) will occurs with a few clicks and takes less than 1 minute.

The practice shows that the implementation of this kind of work without a centralized database with the ability to sort information by any parameters including work with multiple tables and sorting information manually takes over 1 hour .

Displaying results on a map

With e-map you can see, for example, sorted results of agitator work within certain limits of responsibility. With eMap this can be done by clicking a few buttons and it will take less than 1 minute. In addition, eMap can quickly update information and add new data.

In the absence of specialized maps it is almost impossible to make such an operation, since for saving the data in this case you will need to waste a lot of time.

Searching contacts

With the help detailed search form and built-in GPS you can find contacts of responsible agitator for nearby object, it will take less than 1 minute.

Without eMap searching the contact of a particular person will take about 30 minutes.


The team of headquarter will work cohesively and much more productive.

All elaborated data will be saved in one central repository and can be exported in the convenient for you form.

News of the team achievements will instantly available to the chief of headquarter and to every employee.

Saving time of team members will spend to attract new supporters

Deputy communication with voters will be established, and the level of trust will increase due to more qualitative applications processing.

Essential costs reducing.


  • Chief of headquarter:

    The work of deputy headquarters requires considerable material and human resources, and also time. Resources are limited and people are always lacking. Workflow automation has improved the performance of the team! "- Chief of headquarter explains their interest in the system eMap*

    * The product was tested in elections in Kyiv City Council, and during the parliamentary elections in 2014. The system has received positive feedback from clients and their teams.




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